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Cbd Mixed Cubes


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Each cube of CBD Candy Cubes contains 5mg of full spectrum cannabinoid dosage, so you can now easily manage the amount of CBD you are looking to consume depending on how many cubes you eat. As well as being delicious and packed with all the wellbeing effects of hemp derived cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, CBD Candy Cubes are also totally sugar free, so now you can indulge in your favourite CBD treat without having to feel guilty. As eating a CBD product can take longer to feel the beneficial effects, CBD Candy Cubes are great for those looking to try out a CBD product for the first time or for those who are looking to find their next new favourite snack. However, although it may take longer for an edible CBD product to be broken down by your body’s digestive system, once it is absorbed by the body, you will then be able to feel the effects for longer, so whichever way you wish to consume is all down to personal preference.

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